Recyclers of Paper,
Plastic, Aluminum
& Other Recyclables

Sustainability Consultants

We believe that in order for a company to be thoroughly successful, a sustainability plan should be in place. Through sustainability consulting, Carolina Fibre helps North Carolina businesses in Greensboro, High Point and beyond make money instead of throwing it away. We serve businesses and institutions, both big and small, by designing and implementing a custom recycling program to help reduce waste and maximize sustainability, protecting both the environment and your bottom line.

Our Strategic Approach

STEP ONE: Collection

Our expert team will conduct a review of operations and waste services, yielding an in-depth understanding of how solid waste and recyclables are being managed in your business environment.

STEP TWO: Analysis and Identification

We’ll identify your company’s social and environmental impact and develop a custom plan of action to optimize waste stream. Primary objectives are:

Cost reduction
Maximize operation efficiency
Minimize environmental impact through diversion

STEP THREE: Recommendations

We’ll prepare and present a recycling plan to your leadership team, which outlines the implementation, cost savings and environmental impact.

STEP FOUR: Implementation and Monitoring

After approval, our team will begin implementation of the plan. Following a successful launch, we’ll perform monthly monitoring and report on your savings, both to your bottom line and the environment.

Service Agreement

Our service agreement details the project and our terms and conditions. Our fees may be determined on the basis of savings from our services or on an hourly or monthly rate.

Do you have questions about commercial recycling? Check these FAQs for answers to some of the questions that folks ask most often.