Recyclers of Paper,
Plastic, Aluminum
& Other Recyclables

Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is the process of recovering waste paper and remaking it into new paper products. There are 3 categories of paper that can be used as feed-stocks for making recycled paper:

  1. Mill broke: paper trimmings and other paper scrap from the manufacture of paper, and are recycled internally in a paper mill.
  2. Pre-consumer waste: material which left the paper mill but was discarded before it was ready for consumer use.
  3. Post-consumer waste: material discarded after consumer use, such as old corrugated containers (OCC), old magazines, old newspapers (ONP), office paper, old telephone directories, and residential mixed paper (RMP).
    We recycle many of the following paper grades:

  • Newspaper
  • Textbooks
  • Tubes & Cores
  • Cardboard
  • Heavily Printed Bleach Sulfate
  • Lightly Printed Bleach Sulfate
  • Office Paper
  • Printers Waste
  • Salvage/Damaged Paper
  • Roll Stock
  • Obsolete Boxes

At 33%, paper, which includes everything from packaging to mail, makes up the largest percentage of the municipal solid waste stream. It’s also one of the most recovered materials, as recycling opportunities are often readily available.

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Do you have questions about commercial recycling? Check these FAQs for answers to some of the questions that folks ask most often.